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Idioms about sports

Lo deportes y actividades deportivas causan muchas emociones en los espectadores, además de ser divertido y crear competencia con las personas de todo el mundo.

En Estados Unidos, los deportes más populares son el béisbol, basketball y fútbol americano.  En el idioma inglés tenemos algunos modismos relacionados con estas actividades.

Aquí te compartimos algunos modismos que puedes usar cuando estés en una conversación para que suene fluido, natural y saber un poco más sobre la cultura estadounidense:

Huddle up 

To cause people to come together in a small and/or specific group. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between «huddle» and «up.»

Come on, fellas, huddle up with the coaches!

Hail Mary

In American football, a very long pass, made in an attempt to score, that is not usually successful

The prisoner hid under a car in a Hail Mary effort to escape police.

Drop the ball

From American football, to make  a mistake, especially by doing something in a stupid or careless way

“Bob dropped the ball by not preparing for the important meeting.”

Curve ball

In the sport of baseball, a throw in which the ball curves as it moves towards the player with the bat

 “They threw us a curveball during negotiations by doubling their asking price.”


Hit a home run

In baseball or softball, to get a hit that allows one to round all four bases and score, typically by hitting the ball past the limits of the outfield.

Tom hit a home run when he closed the big deal with Microsoft.”

Saved by the bell

From boxing, meaning ‘to be saved from something bad by a timely interruption’. 

 “We hadn’t finished the presentation in time, but were saved by the bell when the client pushed back our meeting at the last minute to next week.

Throw in the towel

From boxing, to admit defeat

 “After spending three hours trying to recover my deleted file, I threw in the towel and started over from the beginning.”


Full-court press

In basketball, a strategy in which the defensive team applies pressure on the offensive team across the entire court.

We need to do a full-court press on our supplier to ensure delivery by the end of the month.”


Said of an estimate, compared to being within the confines of a stadium

 “Can you get us a ballpark figure on 4th quarter earnings?”

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