Centro Colombo Americano

WEBINAR Conferencia: Being a Maker

Fecha: agosto 23, 2021
Hora: 17:00
Lugar: Centro de experiencia Colombo

Conferencia: Being a Maker

JoEllen Simpson, General Director of Cali’s Bnc, would share her experiences a Maker and she will give us several tips to begin a maker journey. JoEllen Simpson has a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Florida and has been living and working in Cali since 1995. She was a professor in the area of applied linguistics at the Universidad del Valle until she began working at the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano in 2004 as the General Director. She has been a passionate maker since she was a child, following in her mother’s footsteps sewing, cooking, painting, building, and creating.

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