One of the most important academic events for the ELT community

Colombo Symposium

The Colombo Symposium 2017, September 14-15

Teachers are IN: 75 years of INnovative, INclusive, and INspiring teaching

This year’s edition of the Colombo Symposium sets the scene to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Centro Colombo Americano of Bogota and to give honor to the teachers that have made it possible. INnumerable things have changed since we first opened our doors: new paradigms have been INvolved, modern theories INtegrated, current approaches INstituted, diverse practices INstilled, fresh materials INtroduced, cutting-edge technologies INcorporated, and several generations of learners positively INfluenced. INterestingly enough, during these three quarters of a century, one thing has remained a reality: teachers are IN.

INnovative, INclusive and INspiring teaching seems to be the thread that ties our story together. What lies ahead for the ELT community in terms of research, technology, materials and classroom practices? How can creativity, critical thinking or conflict resolution training help build more democratic learning environments? How do 21st century skills come into play in the language classroom? What are the current perspectives on motivation, flipped learning, English as a lingua franca and learning strategies?

English teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, program administrators, material developers and world class keynote speakers will gather to reflect upon these questions as we get ready to weave another 75 years of history. It is uncertain what exactly the educational scene will look like 75 years from now, but one thing we can be sure of: “Teachers will still be IN”